Long and narrow spaces can be challenging to decorate. However, a few design tricks can help you create a visually wider room. From drawing the eye upwards to incorporating vertical design elements, these tips will make your narrow space feel bigger and more open.

Paint ideas are one of the easiest ways to visually change a room. Try using a monochromatic color scheme or opt for striped wallpaper to create the appearance of width.

Light Colors

It’s a proven design trick that light colors reflect light and make spaces feel bigger. Choose neutral shades or whites for the walls and ceiling in narrow rooms to maximize space and create a clean, uncluttered look.

Darker colors can also make spaces feel more spacious. While it might seem counterintuitive, using a dark color on the end wall of a long room can actually make the space feel wider and longer by drawing the eye through the room to the opposite end.

Another way to use line in the home is through patterned wallpaper. Striped wallpaper, in particular, can manipulate the way we see a room, making it seem wider and taller. Choose a pattern with wide, horizontal stripes to make the room appear wider and vertical stripes to make it appear taller. The key is to make the lines of the pattern blur together, eliminating any distinction where one wall ends and the other begins.

Avoid Busy Patterns

Using patterns can be an effective way to make a room look wider, but too many patterns can overwhelm a narrow space and feel cluttered. When choosing a wallpaper design, select one with fewer shapes and avoid busy patterns that overshadow the rest of the room’s decor. If you do choose a busy pattern, balance it with solid color elements and contrasting shapes in the furniture to create visual harmony. For more info, do visit this website wallpaper singapore.

Another easy way to visually widen a room is by applying a striped paint idea. Thin stripes give the appearance of stretching while vertical stripes can help a room appear taller.

Painting a narrow room with the right colors, maximizing natural light, using mirrors strategically, incorporating vertical design elements, creating a focal point and utilizing lighting are all effective ways to make a room look wider without sacrificing style or functionality. By implementing these simple tricks, you can easily transform your narrow space into a visually spacious and visually appealing area.

Hang Wallpaper Horizontally

Long and narrow rooms can be difficult to work with. Fortunately, interior designers have an arsenal of tricks to make rooms look wider. One simple trick is to play with line. Hanging patterned wallpaper horizontally creates dynamic movement and blurs the distinction between walls, making the room feel bigger.

This is especially effective with striped wallpaper, as the wide stripes appear to extend the wall’s length. It also works well with a solid-colored wallpaper that has a wide horizontal motif.

However, before you begin hanging your wallpaper, consider the direction of the pattern and any effects that may be present in the paper. For example, some wallpapers have a shine to them or glitter to them that can cause unwanted reflections and glare when hung horizontally. Depending on the design concept of your space, and the desired focal points, you will need to carefully determine the direction in which you want the paper to hang.

Use a Border

If you’re decorating a narrow room with wallpaper, it’s important to draw vertical lines that elongate the space. This is an easy trick that can be done with curtains, patterned wallpaper, or simply painting horizontal stripes on one wall. Alternatively, you can use a textured border to create this illusion.

If your narrow room connects to other spaces, you can create a sense of continuity by maintaining color continuity. This is known as “color drenching,” and it can help your rooms feel larger.

For example, if you have two shorter walls in your narrow hallway, paint the farthest one a darker shade. This will make the walls seem closer together and widen the corridor’s width. You can also accentuate the width of your narrow hallway by choosing slim and well-proportioned furniture pieces. You can also incorporate vertical decorative accents, such as tall mirrors, to visually elongate the space.